Best Luggage Scales in UK 2019 Reviews

best luggage scales in uk

Do you have the passion for traveling? In each year you travel in different countries? If the answer is yes, you may need to use different airlines for different countries. Based on the class of your ticket and the airline, the carrying weight of the flight will vary. Various airlines have a different weight limit for carrying with the passenger. There is no way to carry some extra weight by any chance.

So, if you are carrying cabin luggage with overweight, you need to throw some of your accessories in the bin. You are not going to like that, right? The best solution to avoid this issue is using a luggage scales. This is a digital luggage scales device which shows the weight of the luggage instantly. Using the device, you can avoid the hassle in the airport. If you are living in UK and looking for the best luggage scales in UK, just go through the next part.

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What is a Luggage Scale?

In an airline, you can carry a limited amount of weight. When you are at the airport, they will measure the weight. If they find the weight is above the limit, you need to give a huge charge for carrying, or you need to through it out. But the luggage scale will give you the relief from this issue. It is a digital device which is not like the conventional weight measuring machine. Here you don’t need to use many things.

Luggage scales come with hanging extension where you need to hang the luggage. Now life the scale with the luggage and it will appear the weight on display. If you find the weight is over the limitation, you can immediately bring out some unnecessary accessories to avoid the hassle in the airport.

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Top 10 Best Luggage Scales in UK 2019

FREETOO Luggage Scale Portable Digital Travel Scales

best luggage scale in uk

Most of the luggage scales have a maximum capacity of measuring the weight. If you need to measure up to 50 kg, should go for this unit. Though you may don’t need to measure such level of weight, it has the capacity. The first thing you are going to notice on this luggage scale is its attractive look. It comes in red color and a white strap for hanging the luggage.

Maybe you think what the weight of the scale is? Okay, this is a lightweight luggage scale which you can even carry in your luggage. No matter wherever you are going, you can avoid the hassle of the extra weight in the luggage.


    • Comes with a digital display for showing the weight of the luggage.
    • It is a battery powered luggage scales.
    • Gives a warning when the battery is low.
    • Overload notification to avoid any unexpected incident.
    • High quality for ensuring the longevity of the product.
    • It can show the weight in different units.

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 MYCARBON Luggage Scale Portable Digital Scale

luggage scale in uk

Are you tired of wasting money on low-quality luggage scales? Want to have a good deal? Then I will recommend this product that comes from MYCARBON. This product is amazing which is easy to use for measuring the weight of the luggage. You can take up to 50 kg load on this scale. Also, it is easy to fit the luggage with the strap. Connect the luggage and lift it for knowing the weight.

There is a large LED display in it where you can read the weight. This is a battery powered product that comes with an auto shut off feature. If you keep the device 60 seconds in the standby mode, it will turn off automatically.


  • Suitable to carry in the suitcase or travel luggage.
  • Comes with sturdy construction.
  • It can show the weight it four different units.
  • Accuracy for avoiding any hassle.
  • No additional stuff required for the usage.

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Digital Luggage Scale Dunheger

award winning luggage scale

Some luggage scales come in large design which is so annoying. When you want to carry them in the luggage, it becomes so difficult. But you can now avoid this issue by using this luggage scale from Dunheger. It comes in lightweight and portable design. It is not a big deal to accommodate the best luggage scales in uk in your travel luggage.

There is a strap in the bottom for hanging the luggage. Hang your luggage with the strap and lift it for knowing the weight of your luggage. There is a large display for showing the weight. It is a battery powered product, and there is an auto shut-off feature for energy saving.


  • It provides the accurate weight.
  • Lightweight design for the convenience.
  • Easily accommodate a travel suitcase or luggage.
  • Auto shut-off feature for saving energy.
  • Bright display to read the weight without hassle.

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LEORX Portable T-shaped LCD Digital Electronic Luggage Scale

Looking for something unique that is easy to use for measuring the weight? Do you have a small budget for the luggage scale? If the answer is yes, this item can be the best choice. This is a unique t-shaped luggage scale which is easy to use for measuring the weight of your luggage. It comes with a large screen where you can read the weight of your luggage.

It is easy to use. You need to use the strap on the bottom side for fitting the luggage. Then lift the scale, and it will show the weight of your luggage. There is nothing complicated. It is a durable product which is not going to break within a short time.


  • It is a user-friendly luggage scale.
  • Comes with a durable strap for hanging the luggage.
  • Portable and lightweight design for making it easy to carry.
  • 44-inch large LCD for reading the product’s weight.
  • It can take up to 110 lb. of load.
  • Woven nylon strap with metal clip for the durability.

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Salter Luggage Scale – Portable Digital Scales for Baggage

the best luggage scale in uk

It is not uncommon that your luggage scales is broken after a few days. Most of the time it happens because of heavy weight. But, when you own a durable product, there will be no such issues. If you are wondering if there is any such kind of products, this Salter luggage scale is for you. Though it’s price is above average, the service is outstanding. It is constructed from durable material for ensuring the longevity.

There is a strap in the scale that you need to fit in the luggage. It will lock the luggage, and you can measure the weight of it. It is a simple product that anyone can use without any instructions. There is a large display on top for reading the quantity of your luggage.


  • It requires a 1 x CR2032 battery which is included with the product.
  • It can measure maximum 40 kg.
  • Portable design for carrying during the tour.
  • High-quality materials ensure the product’s durability.
  • It comes with an official guarantee from the vendor.

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Etekcity Digital Luggage Scales

Though the luggage scale is a simple product, you may want to have some styles in it. In that case, you can order this item that comes with a classy look. Its shape is just perfect to hold, and you can measure the weight without any hassle. Without the weight measuring system, there are also some other features. It has a temperature sensor and tare function.

You can check up to 50 kg weight without any issues. There is a strap with metal clip for holding the suitcase or luggage. Also, the LCD is large enough for easy readout.


  • Made of heavy-duty material for the longevity.
  • Thermometer temperature sensor in both F° and C°.
  • Ensures that you are avoiding the excessive weight.
  • Auto lock feature for keeping the weight stable.
  • Easy to control for the accurate reading.
  • Shows the weight instantly.

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FREETOO Luggage Scales Portable Travel Digital Suitcase Scale

Are you looking for something classy with heavy weight capacity? Do you want to have a durable product that will sustain for a long time? Then you should try this item from FREETOO which is easy to use. It comes with a stylish LCD that helps to read the weight. Also, there is a special strap in the bottom for lifting the luggage without any hassle. Just fit the luggage with the metal clip and lift for checking the weight.

It can show the weight in four different units which are lb, gm, ounce, kg. So, you can check it as you want. It is a t-shaped product which is comfortable to hold.


  • Made of Piano key paint for giving it an elegant look.
  • It comes in a mini size so that you can carry wherever you go.
  • Suitable to take up to 50 kg of load.
  • The LCD is large enough for reading easily.
  • It provides only the accurate weight for avoiding unexpected issues.

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Etekcity Luggage Scales Electronic Digital Travel Postal Fishing Hook Scale

Do you have some issues with the strap of a luggage scale? Looking for something unique where you don’t have to fit the luggage with the strap? Then you can try this one for avoiding the issues. It comes with a hook which is similar to a fishing hook. There is no hassle of fitting the luggage with the strap. Just hang with the hook and read the weight on the large LCD.

There are three buttons in the product for the convenience. You can control all the features with these three buttons. There is a unit button in it which allows changing the unit whenever you want. The handle in the top makes it so easy to lift the heavy weight.


  • It is designed for taking load up to 50 kg/110 lb.
  • There is a tare button for controlling the tare function.
  • Compact design allows storing within a small area of your luggage.
  • Stainless steel hook for ensuring the durability.
  • It provides user safety.
  • Big LCD for clear readout.

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HAMSWAN Luggage Scales

best scale in uk for luggage

Want to stay hassle free in the airport by avoiding the extra weight in your luggage? Are you thinking to purchase a luggage scale for this work? If you don’t have a high budget and looking for top quality products, this item can be the best choice. It comes with a durable construction that provides the longevity.

Using the scale with one hand is easy. There is a hanging strap in the scale that allows the users to measure the weight. Just fit the strap in your luggage and lift the luggage scale. In the digital display, you will find the weight of the luggage. So, it will be so easy for you to keep the stuff within the weight limitation.


  • It is an easy to use luggage scale.
  • Large and clear LED display for making it easy to read the weight.
  • Comes with a great outlook.
  • Portable luggage scale that fits comfortably in the luggage.
  • It can measure up to 50kg/110 lbs.
  • Easy power on/off the system for user’s convenience.

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 HANWELL 50kg/110lb Digital Luggage Scale

Looking for a multi functional best luggage scale in UK? In a conventional luggage scale, you will get only the feature to take the weight of a luggage or travel suitcase. But this unique product comes with a hook style which allows you to take the weight of some other things too. Suppose you are in shopping and you want to know the weight of your stuff. Just hang the bag on the hook and read the weight in the LCD.

You can lock display for getting the actual weight. Also, the product is durable itself for doing heavy duty. It is portable enough for accommodating in a small area.


  • It can measure up to 50 kg/110 lb of weight.
  • Easy to use without any instructions.
  • It has the feature to show the weight in different units.
  • Data lock function for the user’s convenience.
  • Handle stays firmly in grasp for the comfort.
  • Designed for multi functional usage.

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How to Choose the Best Luggage Scales in UK?

If you are a beginner with luggage scales, it may become difficult to have the right deal. There are some common types of luggage scale with some unique products. So, you need to identify which one will be the right for you. If you want to avoid checking a variety of products, just pick any of the above products. Or, you can read this buying guide to having the best deal. Here are the features that you must check before ordering one for you.

Weight Capacity: The first thing you need to check for a luggage scale is its weight. Make sure that the selected scale can take a heavy load. Most of the scales come with the capacity of measuring up to 50 kg. This range is enough when you are traveling with some popular airlines.

If you are traveling in a business class ticket, the weight limit may vary. In that case, you can check for some other products that have the capacity of taking more than 50 kg of weight. You will find this information in the product detail.

Compact Design: You will travel somewhere and come back, right? That means you need to measure the weight in two times. So, you just need to carry the luggage scale with you. Carrying the luggage scale is not possible unless you have a small product. But it should not be so small that you can’t hold properly. The best way is to check the dimension of the product.

If you find the dimension is suitable for you, can order it. Besides the dimension of the product, you should also check the weight of the luggage scale. You need to pick a lightweight product which will not increase the weight of your luggage.

Accuracy: Why are you going to use the luggage scale? For avoiding the excessive weight of your travel luggage, right? So, you should have the accurate weight of the luggage. If the scale has some errors, it will show the wrong weight. As a result, you may need to take some hassle. That is why the accuracy of the weight is a must.

Though it is not possible to know how the accuracy without is using it, you can read some customer reviews. You will find some reviews from the existing customers. Read their reviews to know how the performance is. If they are giving positive feedback and saying it provides accurate weight, can go for it.

The shape of the Luggage Scale: There is mainly two type of best luggage scale in UK. T-shape and the hook system. T-shaped products come with a strap in the bottom and LCD in the top. The hook system usually comes with a handle which is easy to hold. If you want to use the scale for multi-purpose, the hook system is good. But this may cause some issues when you are storing in the luggage. So, it is up to you what you want to use.

Units of Wight: Different airlines may mention the weight limit in different units. So, you may need to know the weight in different units. So, you should order a product which can show the weight in different units. However, most of the products have this feature, and you don’t have to look for so many products.

LCD: The luggage scale should have a large LCD which is easy to read. Look for the product detail to know if the dimension of the display is mentioned or not. If the data is available, match with your requirement.

Final Verdict

In this list of best luggage scales in UK, you got the top products of the market. So, there will be no issues in the quality. Just make sure it is meeting your requirements. If you don’t have the desired product on the list, just follow the buying guide which will help you to win the right deal.